Confirmation Rap

Confirmation Rap, Mondays 3:45-5PM, Starts Sept 21: Gather afterschool, youth (ages 12-14) and adult mentors, to explore the biblical narrative with creative writing, sketching, and dialog as we discover our lives caught up in God's story of rescuing the whole creation! Engage one another in faith questions such as: Can it be proven that God exists? Can I be a Christian without going to church? If Jesus was God why did he have to die?

Youth Ages 12-14: Small group of young people, facilitated by Pastor Jennifer will begin in September, meeting weekly. We value the inquiry process related to following Christ, asking questions relevant to the young people, fostering respect and mutual growth. Each young person will be paired with an adult mentor who will join us monthly for converation and/or field trips to our interfaith neighbors, serving at Surrey Urban Mission and A Rocha Community, an environmentally conscious international Christian farm. Contact Pastor Jennifer to sign up.

Kids' Camp

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