More often than not, we find ourselves living with clenched fists rather than open hands. Living generously with all that has been entrusted to us brings us life. Those who lose their life, find it, Jesus says.... a paradox that rings true in how we spend our time, our financial resources, our lives. When we give ourselves away, we find ourselves filled up in ways we never anticipated.

Trinity Lutheran Church offers a pre-authorized payment plan for those who would like to take advantage of convenient, regular giving.

Pre-authorized payments will be taken out at the beginning of each month. Payments can be stopped or suspended at any time.

For the form, please click here. When you SUBMIT the form, it will go to the Church office. You will then need to give a blank, voided cheque to either Janet Mossman or the Church office.  

  If you have any questions, please e-mail Janet at or call her at 604-594-1835.