Are you New? Learn about ways to connect with Trinity Lutheran Church here.

  • sunday coffee and conversation

    Following worship the TLC community gathers in the Community Hall for conversation over coffee, tea, finger food, and baked goodies.  On special occasions, there is even cake!   A rotating roster of people take care of making the coffee/tea and bringing a snack, as well as the clean-up afterwards.

  • TLC kids' camp

    If you like working with kids, helping them grow as people, nurturing their faith, leading games or working on community projects together, this is a wonderful opportunity.  Each year, the camp has a different theme.  And - it's just plain fun! Contact Linda B. to get involved.

  • Esl conversation partners

    You don't need to be a teacher or have a certificate that says you can teach English.  All that's needed is a willingness to talk with a newcomer , encouraging them to learn this wonderful, complex language of ours.  Maybe they will even teach you some of their native tongue! Contact Diane P. to get paired up.

  • quilting & knitting

    The TLC Quilters & Knotty Knitters groups both meet each Monday.  Great chance to build new friendships, practice English, or learn how quilt or knit. The quilts are donated to local hospitals and globally to refugees. Knitted prayer shawls are gifted to folks struggling with life transitions. 

    For more information, please click here