Among the gathered people of TLC, music brings life...a tune holds you when all else may fail, the voice of a friend singing alongside you lifts you when all else may be falling apart.  So in every TLC gathering, music is celebrated through Jeff Han's piano accompaniment, Gerry Parsons directing the choir, and joyous congregational singing.  Jeff on piano and keys is usually joined by Gerry and Andrea on their guitars, and occasionally by some other instrumentalists (drums, bass, violins, etc), young and old, for weekly worship and more, such as community dinners and other special events. There's a place for you!


Do you know that in the 16th century, Martin Luther's day, the organ was the instrument played in local bars as people gathered for pints of beer?  So the guitar is today what the organ was in Luther's day!  We welcome new ways of making music in our worshiping community, ways that move us to respond to the love poured out in Christ Jesus.  And we welcome you to make music alongside us, together discovering the song within us, harmonizing with the God of all creation in ways that were impossible until you showed up.  Contact Gerry Parsons to get involved in bringing music to life.  And remember - wanting to sing is the only requirement to joining choir.