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Habakkuk Dec 2 2018 TLC: Wait For It 等待


Welcome: Today marks the beginning of the church year, the season called Advent. Advent means appearing or coming. In the season of Advent we practice waiting by lighting candles. This morning we light the first candle of HOPE. And we light an additional candle each Sunday until Christmas Eve when we celebrate the Light of the World shining anew in our midst by lighting the Christ candle.

欢迎词: 今天是教会年度的开始, 我们称之为基督将临期(圣诞节前的四个星期)Advent的意思是出现或到来。在这个季节,我们通过点燃蜡烛来练习等待。今天早晨, 我们点燃第一支希望的蜡烛。我们每个星晴天都会点燃一根蜡烛直到圣诞前夜,我们通过点燃基督蜡烛来庆祝世界之光再次闪耀在我们中间。



This week I had the incredible privilege of accompanying Grade 7 students to the Surrey Food Bank to volunteer. Before we assembled diaper bags and distributed food to hungry guests, Shamina helped us walk in the shoes of a mom who comes to the food bank by giving one of the students a pile of play money. We learned about a single mother whom Shamina knows. She works full time, 40 hours a week, at Walmart as a cashier, earning $2100/month, at $13.50/hour. Another student was her landlord who collected her rent for a two bedroom basement suite of $1100; another was the CRA. After paying her taxes, BC Hydro, car insurance, childcare, phone, basic cable, she has $220 left for gas and food to feed her two children, ages 6 months and 5 years. So in order to make ends meet, this mother comes to the food bank every month. But the food bank only covers 3-4 days of groceries for her family of three. $13.50/hour is not a livable wage, is it, if this family cannot meet their basic needs each month. She may cry out with Habakkuk: O Lord, how long shall I cry for help, and you will not listen?

本周,我得到一个令人以置信的特,陪同七年学生到素里食品行做志愿者。在我们组装尿布袋和为饥饿的客人分食物之前,Shamina通过给学生们一叠游戏货币,来帮助我们了解一位来到食物银行的妈妈的生活。我们了解到Shamina 认识的一个单亲妈妈 她有一份全的工作, 在沃尔玛做收银员,每周工40 每小$13.50, 每月收入$2100。她租了一个两室的地下室 ,另一个学生作她的房,每月收取$1100 的房租。有一个学生代CRA(加拿大国税局),在她付完税,电费,汽,托儿电话费电视络费之后,她手中只剩$220 可以用来汽油和食物。她有两个孩子,一5,一个才6个月。 持生妈妈每个月都来食物行。但是食物行也只能个三口之家提供三到四天的食物。如果个家庭每个月的基本生活需要都不能足,13.50的小是不能持生活的。她或会向哈巴谷(犹太人的先知)哭求:主啊,我要向你哭求了多久,你是不听 


As the migrant caravan from Central America arrived at the US border the last couple weeks, seeking an end to violence and corrupt rule of law in their homeland, we’ve heard mothers lamenting. The US Border Agents released tear gas a couple weeks ago on the migrants who tried to charge through the border and it landed on children, who passed out. The shelter housing migrants in Tijuana, Mexico is at three times capacity with 5000 migrants waiting to seek asylum in the U.S.  How long will they be waiting for their applications to be processed? I’ve heard some of them asking God to help them as they migrate towards the U.S. How long O Lord, must we live with violence at our doorstep, they cry, finally deciding to leave their homes. 


在过去几周 ,来自中美洲的移民大篷车抵达美国边境,寻求结束在他们家乡所受到的暴力和腐败的法治,我们听到了母亲们的感叹。几周前,美国边境特工向那些试图越过边境的移民释放了催泪弹,这些催泪弹落到了孩子们的身上, 孩子们昏了过去。墨西哥蒂华纳的移民是住房容量的三倍,有5000名移民在等着在美国寻求庇护,他们等待处理申请的时间有多长?我听说有些人在向美国迁移时要求上帝帮助他们,主啊,我们在自己的家门口不得不忍受暴力,我们还要忍受多久?他们哭诉,最终决定离开家园。 


We have friends in California who just posted a picture on Facebook of their newborn son. They’ve suffered through five years of infertility, investing thousands of dollars for specialized treatments just to conceive a child. I wonder how many times they cried out for help, how this unmet longing stressed their marriage. 




When was the last time you cried out to the Lord for help and it seemed God wasn’t listening? Habakkuk is giving voice to a complaint, crying out to God for help. We call this lamenting. Waiting for something to change in your life.  



We all live through seasons of suffering, perhaps simply as a result of growing older. When we are overwhelmed we search for words to voice our pain, whatever is threatening our well being. In these times, we struggle to live by faith, to trust that God is at work in spite of the pain. Living by faith is not clear, often puzzling. We rarely know what’s coming next, and not many things turn out the way we anticipate. We may naturally think that because we are God’s beloved children, or because we go to church or give generously of our time and our financial resources, we will get favorable treatment from God. We won’t have to walk down dead end roads, through muddy detours, waiting for a favorable outcome that seems to delay and delay. 




Habakkuk, a prophet who understands our long wait, comes alongside us this morning, gives us words to express our complaint: “O Lord, how long shall I cry for help, and you will not listen?” The prophet Habakkuk lived 600 years before the birth of Christ, a time when the Assyrian army had just destroyed one city after another, brutally killing people. Not long after Habakkuk was written, the Babylonians attacked and destroyed the sanctuary where Israelites would gather to meet with God and leveled the city of Jerusalem, taking Israelite leaders and skilled citizens into exile. Violence was all around. 




So Habakkuk helps his people give voice to their pain, to cry out at the injustice surrounding them on every side. Like many of the psalms, Habakkuk provides words for our lament: O Lord, how long shall I cry for help, before you listen? How many times do I have to yell, “Help! 911! I cannot handle this alone!” before you come to the rescue? 


 因此,哈巴谷帮助他的人民表达他们的痛苦,并为他们四面八方的不公正而呐喊。像许多诗篇一样,哈巴谷为我们的哀歌提供了一些话语:主啊,在你聆听之前,我要求多长时间寻求帮助呢?在你来救援之前,我要喊多少次 “救命! 911!我自己处理不了这个问题! 

The prophet Habakkuk looks around and is overwhelmed by all the violence and injustice he sees, like the Central Americans at the US border, single Mom cashiering at Walmart, and asks why is God tolerating all of it? At many points in our life of faith, we are waiting for things to change, hoping, pleading for God to act. 



Habakkuk keeps watch to see what the Lord will say concerning his complaint. And the Lord says, there is still a vision for the appointed time…if you don’t see it now, wait for it. It will come to be. No easy answers, no quick fixes which we human beings crave, especially those of us raised in North America. Over five years ago, when I said “yes” to God’s call to lead the TLC community, worship was a faithful group of 35 people…I came knowing there were no easy answers for this community to grow.  I wasn’t sure if I would be helping you all die gracefully, and close the doors of this church, making it into a tourist site for heritage buildings…but it seems there is still a vision for the appointed time…we may see glimpses of it now, a multi-cultural, multi-generational faith community reflecting and partnering with our local changing neighbourhood…wait for it. It will come to be. No easy answers…instead I see each of you courageously reaching beyond yourselves, making new friends, listening to our neighbours, reflecting on what we are learning together. 




On Remembrance Day I was astounded by the community response to come and ring the Bells of Peace on Remembrance Day…all because Les Starheim approached the ND Reporter and Joyce Flemig contacted the editor in chief of the Vancouver Sun. Well over 100 local neighbours gathered in this sanctuary and parking lot to ring in peace. On Remembrance Day, we saw a glimpse of the Lord’s vision for this neighbourhood…if you don’t see it now, wait for it. It will come to be. 


 在纪念日,我对社区的响应感到震惊,他们在纪念日敲响了和平之钟......所有这些都是因为Les Starheim找到了ND报道,而Joyce Flemig联系了温哥华太阳报的主编。超过100个当地邻居聚集在这个敬拜的地方和停车场等着敲响和平之钟。在纪念日,我们看到了主对这个街区的愿景的一瞥......如果你现在没有看到它,那就等着它。它会成就。 


Together in the season of Advent, we wait for the Christ child to be born once again, to appear among us, within our hearts, in the midst of our pain. The Love made known in Christ is a love that meets us in our pain, knows the agony of the night in which he was betrayed. That night in the garden, Jesus, Love in human form, asked his closest friends to stay with him, to wait while he prayed. As he became deeply agitated, anticipating his arrest and coming death, he threw himself on the ground and prayed, “Father, if it’s possible let this cup pass from me; yet not what I want but what you want.” As the soldiers came to arrest Jesus, his closest friends betrayed him, one was paid off with 30 pieces of silver to lead the soldiers there, another became violent, cutting off the ear of a soldier. Jesus says “Put your sword back into its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.” By his arrest, all of Jesus’ friends hid in the darkness, but that didn’t stop the Light of the World from loving to the point of death and rising to meet us here today….bread broken, wine poured out for you. Love in human form, born among us, willingly entered into the violence and pain of human rejection. 

 在降临的季节里,我们等待基督婴孩再次降生,出现在我们中间,出现在我们心中,出现在我们的痛苦之中。在基督里所知道的爱是一种在痛苦中与我们相遇的爱,知道他被背叛的夜晚的痛苦。那天晚上,在花园里,耶稣,爱的肉身体现,要求最亲密的朋友留在他身边,等待他祈祷。当他与预知自己的被捕和即将到来的死亡时,他变得非常激动,他扑倒在地,并祈祷说:父亲,如果有可能,让这个杯子从我身边经过;但这不是我想要的,而是你想要的东西。当士兵来逮捕耶稣时,他最亲密的朋友背叛了他,其中一人受收了30块银子带领士兵到这里,另一人变得暴力,斩断了士兵的左耳。耶稣说:把你的剑放回原处,因为所有拿剑的人都会被剑杀死。在他被捕时,所有耶稣的朋友都藏在黑暗中,但这并没有阻止世界之光去爱,直至死亡的那一刻,继而复活,今天在这里与我们相遇.... ..面包掰开给你, 酒倒给你。爱的肉身降临在我们中间,心甘情愿地走进暴力,走进被人拒绝的痛苦之中。


When we consider the cry of our Central American neighbours, waiting in Mexico, or a single mom cashiering at Walmart, none of us wields the power of actual, substantial political authority to change their situation, but each of us has the potential to transform a life. Perhaps you’ve weathered the violence of addiction and can offer support for those struggling right now in our neighbourhood, in this sanctuary. Perhaps you hear the cry of the families around the world in need, their stories shared in the Gifts of the Heart catalog…crying out for kidney dialysis for a child, hive of honey bees, cooking classes, soccer ball and pump, vocational training in auto mechanics for young person. Or you hear the cry of our local families listed  on our Christmas Hamper, and want to respond. 




As we wait for God’s vision to unfold among us, we hear the cries of the world, we may underestimate how Love is taking shape in the darkness. Through us…. 



And the Lord says, there is still a vision for the appointed time…if you don’t see it now, wait for it. It will come to be. 


seeks to take human form through us to change lives.