walk the bible

Trinity has been walking through the Bible in worship by using the Narrative Lectionary for the past two years.  To connect with daily devotions related to the Narrative Lectionary, click https://clergystuff.com/daily-devotions.

These are stories of hope and disappointment, suffering and redemption. The Gospel stories differ each year, high-lighting the distinctive aspects of each Gospel's telling of the story of Jesus.


The church year shapes the narrative lectionary: 

  • Fall-Advent(September to December): Old Testament(Hebrew Bible) readings move through the story of God's dealings with Israel and culminate in Advent, the four weeks before Christmas, with the prophets who speak of longing and hope and the coming of Jesus, the Messiah . 
  • Christmas-Lent(December to Feb/March): Readings from the Gospels trace the movement from the birth of Jesus at Christmas, the public revelation of Jesus during Epiphany and the passion and resurrection of Jesus through Lent and Holy Week.
  • Easter-Pentecost(March/April to June): Resurrection accounts, stories from Acts and readings from Paul's letters tell of the power of the Holy Spirit's presence through the Easter season to the Day of Pentecost.
  • Summer Preaching Series 2017: Teach Us How to Pray and the 10 Commands