Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church

Sunday worship 10:30AM

Bible study 9:15 am

Trinity Lutheran Church is a Christian community deeply rooted in the Delta community, founded by Norwegian fisherman families over 100 years ago. Those families were forward-thinking and established the first designated green space for the Delta community, just up the hill from the original church. Current members recall clearing the forest to access what is now Annieville Park, today offering play space for young children, a playground and baseball fields for Annieville school, as well as a waterpark.

TLC worships in the space constructed by those immigrant families. Today at TLC, you will hear music and preaching that feeds your soul, bringing ancient words to life in your family, work and community. And you will be loved and accepted by people who’ve weathered many storms over the years. Come and discover a place for you!

-Pastor Jennifer Wilson

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