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  • Matthew 3:1-12, Isaiah 11:1-10, Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19, Romans 15:4-13

    Dec 4, 2022, CWLR and NDRP Sunday Advent 2




    Matthew’s gospel was written in a time of military occupation, from the perspective of people living under the thumb of the Roman Empire, a brutal government that crucified anyone who threatened their rule, including Jesus. This morning we are reflecting on the impact of war and the power of peace-making. Peace-making starts when our eyes are open to see ourselves and the world the way God sees. Some of you remember what it was like to live in country torn apart by war and you found refuge here in Canada with your family. In Matthew’s gospel today, John says the first step to making peace is repentance. He calls out: “Repent for the kingdom of heaven has come near!”



    Repentance is confession, admitting that we have failed to live the way of peace with ourselves and our neighbours. Repentance is metanoia which means a change of mind. This happens when we no longer try to hide what we are thinking, feeling, or doing that harms our neighbour. We are honest with God and ourselves. Repentance is turning around and moving in the opposite direction. This movement allows us to see ourselves and world in a new way. In the way that Christ sees the world: loved!  




    From our point of view, John was an unusual character who wore camel’s hair and ate locusts and wild honey, but people were drawn to his words because, in him, God was raising up another who spoke truth to power, one like Elijah. John did this in the wilderness, out beyond the coordinates and control of the Roman Empire. God was on the move through John, announcing a new era where God would come in human form, in the form of Jesus to bring peace on earth. A time, as Isaiah says, when the wolf shall live with the lamb and a little child shall lead them.




    Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist, said in his novel, The Gulag Archipelago: “The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either but right through every human heart.” In this season of Advent, we await the coming of the little child born among us to make a way for peace in every human heart. Christ Jesus, in his very own body on the cross, has broken down every dividing wall of hostility. Every wall within and around us.


    俄罗斯小说家亚历山大索尔仁尼琴(Aleksander Solzhenitsyn)在他的小说《古拉格群岛》(The Gulag Archipelago)中说:“善恶之间的界限不是通过国家,也不是在阶级之间,也不是政党之间,而是通过每个人的内心。”在这个降临的季节,我们等待着我们之间出生的孩子的到来,为每个人的心中的和平铺平道路。基督耶稣在十字架上用自己的身体打破了每一道敌对的隔离墙。我们身边的每一面墙。


    What is our part in building a way for peace in our neighborhood? It starts with repentance that leads to kindness extended to the Georges and to every newcomer. A kindness made possible through Christ Jesus, who with the Creator and Spirit is God-with-Us: Emmanuel.




    Through the North Delta Refugee Project, the global movement for peace and justice lands neighbourhood through welcoming newcomers in collaboration with United, Anglican, and Evangelical Free churches here in North Delta.


    通过North Delta难民项目,全球和平与正义运动与North Delta的联合会、圣公会和福音派自由教会合作,欢迎新来者,从而使社区获得土地。


    A record 100 million people have been forced to flee their homes worldwide. Due to human rights abuses, persecution, extreme weather, and deadly military conflict. Trinity is part of the story of the Georges family finding a home in North Delta after they fled their homeland of Syria, so I invite them forward


    创纪录的1亿人被迫逃离家园。由于侵犯人权、迫害、极端天气和致命的军事冲突。Trinity是乔治一家逃离家乡叙利亚后在North Delta找到家的故事的一部分,所以我邀请他们。


    “Welcome one another, just as Christ has welcomed you.” (Romans 15:5) The North Delta Refugee Project was formed in 2015 to live into God’s word that brings life by welcoming refugee families looking for a safe place to raise their families, find work, and become an essential part of building community here in Canada.


    “欢迎彼此,就像基督欢迎你们一样。”(罗马书15:5North Delta难民项目成立于2015年,旨在践行上帝的话语,通过欢迎难民家庭寻找一个安全的地方来养育他们的家庭,找到工作,并成为加拿大社区建设的重要组成部分,从而带来生活。


    This morning, we give thanks to Andrea Reyes for listening to the Spirit’s call to join the NDRP seven years ago, drawing Trinity Lutheran to make peace in the world, one family at a time.


    今天上午,我们感谢安德烈娅雷耶斯(Andrea Reyes)在七年前聆听了圣灵的召唤,加入NDRP,带领Trinity Lutheran教会一家一家地在世界上实现和平。


    “Many of you joined with volunteers from the four churches as well as from the wider North Delta community gave countless hours of caring service in many ways. Thousands of dollars were donated; English language tutoring and conversation practice provided; furniture, clothing, food, and other household necessities - even bicycles - were collected and delivered; rides to medical and other appointments were given; help was provided on accessing practicalities such as bus passes, acquiring documents, finding jobs, and filing tax returns.  And, so importantly, newcomers had somebody to call on when life in a new world was overwhelming.


    “你们中的许多人与来自四个教堂以及更广泛的North Delta社区的志愿者一起,以多种方式提供了无数小时的关爱服务。捐赠了数千加元;提供了英语辅导和会话练习;收集并运送了家具、衣服、食物和其他家庭必需品,甚至自行车;乘车前往医疗和其他场所。”给出了公寓;在获取公交通行证、获取文件、寻找工作和提交纳税申报表等实用性方面提供了帮助。而且,最重要的是,当一个新世界的生活势不可挡时,新来者有人可以求助。


    Key examples of TLC contributors:

    1) English language tutoring - Betty Mackie


    2) Rides - mostly for medical issues- (over 100 provided in a 12-month period) - Horst and Joyce Flemig, Betty Evans, Uschi Bonn, Edith Kiss and Andrea Reyes


    3) Financial donations - many TLC folks gave generously, thousands of dollars


    4) Donations in kind flooded in. Andrea particularly remembers Chris Pederson providing transportation to move nearly an entire household of donated furniture from South Delta to a refugee family in North Delta.



    1 英语辅导-Betty Mackie


    2 汽车游乐设施-主要用于医疗问题-12个月内提供了100多个)-霍斯特和乔伊斯弗莱明、贝蒂埃文斯、乌西波恩、伊迪丝基斯和安德里亚雷耶斯


    3 财政捐助-许多TLC的人捐赠了数千加元


    4 实物捐赠。安德里亚特别记得克里斯佩德森(Chris Pederson)提供帮助,将几乎一整户捐赠家具从South Delta转移到North Delta的一个难民家庭。


    Besides sponsoring the Georges family and Baz, refugee from Kenya, the NDRP has most recently acted as co-sponsor for a Yemeni family that made it possible for them to be reunited with their family here in the Lower Mainland.  In addition, the NDRP helped in the resettlement process of at least a half dozen government assisted refugees from Syria in the early days of our service.” (Andrea Reyes summary of NDRP’s work on Nov 29, 2022)


    除了赞助乔治一家和来自肯尼亚的难民巴兹,NDRP最近还担任了一个也门家庭的共同赞助商,这使得他们能在温哥华与家人团聚。此外,NDRP在我们服役初期帮助了至少六名来自叙利亚的政府援助难民的重新安置过程。”(Andrea Reyes 20221129日对NDRP工作的总结)


    We welcome Monika Rusak, grand-daughter-in-law of Helen Gillrie, a nurse coordinating care for medical staff in Greater Vancouver. For Monika, who couldn’t be here due to work commitments, we pray:


    我们欢迎莫尼卡鲁萨克(Monika Rusak),她是海伦吉利(Helen Gillrie)的孙女,她是大温哥华地区负责医护人员护理的护士。对于Monika,由于工作的原因不能来这里,我们祈祷:


    May the Spirit of the Lord rest on you, Monika

    The spirit of wisdom and understanding,

    The spirit of counsel and might,

    The spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.







    May this Spirit fill you to overflowing for your daily work amongst those who are sick in body, mind, and spirit as well as guide you in the work of the NDRP: making peace in the world, one refugee family at a time. We ask that the vision of Isaiah would become real in our neighbourhood through the NDRP, CLWR and partnerships with community organizations, creating a place for peace where the wolf shall live with the lamb, the calf and the lion and the fatling together, and a little child shall lead them. In our world so often torn apart by hatred, prejudice, violent conflict, and climate change, that leads to 100 million people displaced, we await the coming of Christ in the season of Advent, a little childbearing hope, peace, joy, and love among us. Bless the on-going work of Monika and the NDRP team. Amen.



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