Intergenerational Faith Formation

Learn about ways to join and be involved with Trinity Lutheran Church while discovering ways to grow together in our faith.



    What does it mean to be a follower of Christ? How does following Christ impact our daily life? What are some tools for interpreting the Bible? Pastor Jennifer facilitates a lively dialog with ancient texts that apply to everyday joys and struggles. Every week, at 12:45pm on Sundays, Mandarin and English speakers join together for these bible study discussions. 

    Study of Galatians begins November 21 and runs approximately 6 weeks

    Galatians: Background and Setting

    Paul is writing to several churches that he and Barnabas had previously established in several cities in the Roman province of Galatia. These early churches were made up of both gentiles and Jews who accepted Jesus as the Messiah. There was a faction among the Jewish believers that believed the “gentiles” needed to follow all the Jewish laws and traditions, including circumcision, to be saved. In other words the gentiles had to become Jews first then they could become Christians. Paul refers to those teaching this as “Judaizers”. Some were even attacking Paul personally, questioning his authority to call himself an apostle. Paul is writing to refute these teachings, and confirm that his authority comes from Christ himself.

  • The way

    A gathering of people seeking to walk the way of Christ in the world, sharing our story alongside God's story and discovering intersections that surprise, challenge and comfort. The Way is an ancient practice in the Christian church, which was founded in people's homes as they gathered to break bread around a meal. The Way partners people and invites them into the way of Christ through a series of small group gatherings around a meal and several rites during worship, in which the gathered community prays for and gifts the Way participants. Please see our Activities and Events calendar

    Contact Wendy for more info: 604-594-3667,

  • WALKING IN FAITH together: Confirmation Rap

    In addition to Sunday worship participation, a small group of young people (grades 7-12), facilitated by Pastor Jennifer, are meeting over Zoom every Monday evening at 5:00pm. Together, we explore the Biblical narrative with creative writing, sketching, and dialog as we discover our lives caught up in God's story of rescuing the whole creation! We value the inquiry process related to following Christ, asking questions relevant to the young people, fostering respect and mutual growth. Each young person will be paired with an adult mentor who will join us monthly for conversation and/or field trips to our interfaith neighbours, serving at the Surrey Urban Mission Society (SUMS) and A Rocha Community, an environmentally conscious international Christian farm. Contact Pastor Jennifer at for more information and to sign up!

  • Confirmation camp

    This is a weeklong residential camp for youth ages 13-18 on Vancouver Island area with Lutheran youth from the British Columbia SYNOD. It is typically held in the last week of August. The camp includes campfires, skits, small group conversation guided by Lutheran pastors, free time, beach exploration and family style meals of nurture relationships with one another and the Living God. Camperships are also available. However due to the recent COVID-19 global pandemic, there may be other means of delivery and ways to come together that practices safe social distancing.

    Contact Pastor Jennifer at for more information and other questions.

  • Sunday morning kids in worship

    Kids of all age are welcome in worship each Sunday morning. The TLC community seeks to equip families to nurture faith at home, trusting that faith is passed on through personal, trusted relationships. This journey involves baptism, participating in FISH (Faith Intergenerational SHaring), confirmation, getting acquainted with our interfaith neighbours, serving our neighbours and growing together in Christian community. Young people are integrated into the intergenerational faith community through participating in worship life at TLC, serving communion, ushering, playing in the worship band and reading scripture. Contact Pastor Jennifer at for more info for children/youth to be involved.